Colour Happy

Mother's Day Art Nite

Mom and Child Painting Together!

May 12, 2024
Online Event

Our Previous Mothers Day Event

  • Involves Both Mom and Child

    Both Mom and Child will draw 2 individual art pieces and is later connected to have a life long memory!

  • An Online Zoom Session

    Enjoy creating with your child while we teach each and everyone Via Zoom

  • Beginner Friendly

    Its beginner friendly, no prior painting experience required.

  • Cancellation Not Allowed

    This is an on-demand class and hence cancellation is not allowed.

  • Materials Required

    Acrylic Paint
    Brushes - Flat (size 6), Round (size 6, 2)
    Canvas - 10” x 20”
    Palette or Plate
    Paper Towel
    Black Sharpie or Micron pen - extra fine liner (to draw thin lines)
    Hair Dryer

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