Colour Happy

Bye Bye 2020, Hi Hi 2021

You startled us
you scared us
You scarred us
with deaths of
our near and dear
You changed the definition of
Politics and power
Shook every country
in ways unimaginable
Made us stay indoors and
fear the tiniest of things

You redefined
what war meant
And showed the warriors that you needed
You decided
Who needed to survive
Who could go on
You came
with your magnifying lens that blew up
Hunger, poverty, homelessness
Job losses, Domestic Violence and Depression
And added all these
To a battle the whole world was already fighting
Knowing not what they were doing
Losing warriors a many…

2020 – You
Made the unseen seen
Brought things that we never knew existed
Gave new glasses for us to see through
Taught us what’s really important,
And made sure we did the right thing
Even when nobody was watching!

2020 –
Now Go rest
Knowing what you had to do
Had to be done
To reset, remind and renew
Ways of thinking and living that were long overdue
To believe, hope and move forward
As humanity finds a cure
For the wars it brings upon itself

This year I am looking forward to a lot of things like you are. Good health, a calm mind, More time with the family, A more patient me, more opportunities to do the things that I love most, more time to learn, more things to share, more creative pursuits and a more present me.

Like you, I think about the past, all the things I didn’t do, all the things I could have done differently but it is usually for a brief time. I quickly move on. My brain doesn’t really cling on to the past unless it’s a memory I want to cherish.

I like to plan my work and work my plan but it rarely happens because life gets into my way 😅

This year I am determined, slightly more than last year.

I strongly believe that a new year is brand new, like fresh snow on the ground, like a brand new journal, I must think new ideas and come up with new ways of doing.

Here is me wishing you that you may find the one thing that excites you, keeps you inspired!

Cheers 🥂

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