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Hello World!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Swathika, a very friendly, cheerful and happy go lucky person who loves to inspire and teach children of all ages to draw!

The break of dawn – is my favourite part of any day! Everyday – weekday or weekend my biological alarm wakes me up at 4:00 ! That’s when I wake up before the whole house and begin to draw!

My days get busier as I work as a city builder. My evenings with boys, my art and my house!

I’m a wanna-do-it-all mom and immensely supported by my husband and my soon to be 10 year old! I am me, I draw, I colour, I work, I teach, I make a mess (which I eventually have to clean up 😅) and they make it all work !


  1. I love coffee, chocolate and colours
  2. I live and work in Toronto
  3. I believe learning is a never-ending process
  4. My family is my biggest strength and my powerhouse. They are the ones who hold me in my highs and lows. They are the ones who bear my loud laughters, my goofiness, my artsy mess and my helpless hangriness.
  5. My girlfriends – the sisterhood I have with them, the many conversations I have with them, the constant supply of cheer, encouragement and support they provide – they are my charging pack!
  6. I love having thought-provoking conversations
  7. I love genuine friendships and find that being authentic is the most attractive quality in a person.
  8. Everyday women who do so much behind the closed doors of their offices/homes/both are my inspiration. Their hard work, discipline, love and dedication towards their family go unnoticed many times and here’s a shout out to all of them!
  9. I love anything and everything that’s cultural. I love the history, the legend, the stories, behind the representation of any culture.
  10. I love festivals and celebrating them!


  1. Inspire and leave every child with the belief that they can draw, visually express themselves, no matter what they want to do as they grow!


  1. I believe I have touched several children across different countries through my drawing sessions, from the ages of 4-10 during this pandemic over online lessons.
  2. I believe in constant practice and making use of every opportunity to draw.
  3. I believe in making the children comfortable with the basic shapes that they gain the freedom to draw just about anything in a very simplistic way.
  4. One of the child in my class likes these sessions because it lets her create whatever she imagines to create!
  5. A mom told me, that her son who hardly drew before taking these classes now looks to draw to express his thoughts instead of writing it in words!!!
  6. Another mom told me that I have created this talent in her child which she never knew he had, that he wants to create his own comics.

After a few degrees in different countries and having donned several hats professionally, I realized that a picture speaks more than a thousand words and it’s that simple sketch that closes lots of communication gaps. That is the missing link in many conversations ! With that in my mind and heart, I want to instil that little voice to confidently express their imaginations, thoughts and dreams on paper. I’ve learned that when you put your heart and soul in what you believe, you can make anything happen.

If you are ready to let your child explore, be patient with their broken strokes and willing to see what they see in their drawings, then talk to me!

So very delighted to meet you through my blog post!

Tell me where are you from? Do you draw? Do you want to draw?

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