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How long does it take to learn Art?

How long does it take to learn art, or any new skill for that matter? This is a question that is frequently asked by many people. The answer is simple: it takes a lifetime! The process of learning an art can be long and challenging, which is why several people give up after their first try. However, learning a new skill doesn’t have a natural end to it; it’s ongoing, almost like a circle. Everyone learns throughout their lifetime, and the creative process is never-ending.

There are several things that contribute to the process of learning art, such as practicing regularly, exploring different mediums, learning through observation, experimenting with different styles, and learning from different teachers.

When we learn, what do we learn? Technique? Style? Mediums? Methods of application? Translating our thoughts? This goes to show that the possibilities are endless and, in this case, there are no limits. Art is everywhere; it’s all around us and within us. There is a famous saying in Tamil, “Katradhu kai alavu kalladhadhu kadal alavu”. This translates to, “what we have learnt is only a fistful while what we have not learnt is as large as the ocean”. This saying can be applied to pretty much anything.

Art is everywhere, all around us and within us. For example, let’s take the art of cooking! What we cook in our everyday lives is influenced by what we see, read, watch, and learn from people around us. This could include our parents, grandparents, partners, friends, colleagues etc. In today’s world, we have the internet available at our fingertips, which makes it easier to observe a variety of different people without even having to leave the house. Each and every one of these people has a new recipe, or at least a different way of preparing a certain dish. We end up picking up certain things from all these people that influence the way we do something, in this case, cooking.

Art, in a way, is like that. Everyone has a different approach to it, which is also what makes it so fun to explore. Art isn’t something that’s restrictive, it’s a way to let your creativity run wild, and this is another reason why the learning process is endless and ongoing. Now imagine if we had all the resources (including time) to learn all the different forms, styles, techniques, and mediums out there… A lifetime wouldn’t be enough. It couldn’t possibly be enough when there are so many things to learn and explore.

You’re probably wondering if a lifetime won’t be enough, then why bother? Why do we need to attend classes? What do we really gain from these classes? Can art classes really teach art? Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming blogs to find the answers to these questions and much more!

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