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Whose drawing is it anyway?

Kids are known for their wild energy and creative potential, which come into play when they interact with a creative task such as drawing. As adults, we feel the need to ensure they succeed at this task, but we forget to consider, whose drawing is it?

Oftentimes, we look at a kid’s drawing and provide feedback, such as, “this doesn’t look right.” We try to guide them by holding their hands. However, art isn’t something that revolves around perfection; it revolves around creation. It is the process of letting your imagination take any shape or form. It is one of those times when the head and heart come together and give us the energy to courageously express ourselves. Even though it may be tempting, there is no need to “correct” a child’s drawing to what seems right to us. By correcting it to make it look “better”, we’re essentially left with a drawing that nobody wants to own. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know it just results in your child having a ⚡power struggle⚡or a heated argument followed by long periods of silence and sulkiness in the house. Interactions like these are ineffectual and have disconnection written all over them. 


Why is it so difficult for us to hear what children have to say? Why do we allow personal factors, such as our own biases and our life’s shortcomings, to interrupt our children’s creative process? Such decisions limit a child’s innate ability to create with a sense of individuality and authenticity. The ability to explore freely is crucial during a child’s formative years, and limiting their beliefs from the start can be the reason we unknowingly restrict them. We always tell our kids, “The sky’s the limit,” but do the boundaries we impose on them truly implement that?

It’s important to acknowledge that every child has their own unique way of expressing themselves, and by allowing kids to express themselves through art, we are able to give them a new platform- a tool for life. A tool that encourages them to not restrict themselves within the boundaries enforced by society and instead strive to be as innovative as possible. This is also instilled within our values here at Colour Happy, where it’s our goal to radiate fun, love, and passion.

If you’ve ever witnessed a kid draw, you know how truly mesmerising it is to see their creative process. It’s no surprise that kids can communicate so well through art by depicting their emotions through mere shapes and lines. Their imagination allows them to communicate in a way that not only highlights their creativity but also serves as a symbol of inspiration to their viewers. This imagination right here… is what needs to be nurtured in order to keep that creativity within them alive.

This imagination is what we need to encourage in order to create successful artists that’ll serve as role models for generations to come. 

How do we go about nurturing something as delicate yet as powerful as imagination? That’s a question that’ll have to wait until next time! Thanks so much for reading Colour Happy’s first-ever blog and be sure to stay tuned for new upcoming posts that discuss interesting art concepts from different perspectives.

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